Conversation classes, what you need to know.

You can join as long as there are free places.

We put away course books in the conversation classes and we SPEAK Dutch. We focus on authentic material so you experience the real language.

  • €295-
  • 12 weekly classes (75 min)
  • Maximum 8 people 
  • You can join as long as there are free places.
  • Free trial class

Beginners plus (A1 -> A2)

Taking your first steps towards learning Dutch? Welcome to this level!

This course is perfect for those who know the basic of the language (level A1)

This Dutch for beginners plus course is completed over 10 weeks and is comprised of 12,5 hours of Dutch studies.

Start: September. Dates will follow soon.

Intermediate (A2)

Welcome to this level and well done on making it this far!

Although you may still need some significant prompting when speaking, at this stage you should be able to understand the Dutch language in the most common situations. This course is completed over 12 weeks and is comprised of 15 hours of Dutch studies.

Start: September. Dates will follow soon.

More advanced (B1)


People just can’t stop talking in (or about) this course!

You can interact with a degree of fluency and spontaneity that makes regular interaction with native speakers quite possible without strain for either party.

Start: September. Dates will follow soon.

Advanced (B2)

Congratulations on making it this far – you’re a step closer to conquering the Dutch language!

What to expect during our well-structured and engaging Dutch lessons:

Fine-tune your vocabulary, fluency and conversation skills

Start: September. Dates will follow soon.

Our conversation classes are not grammar classes

Of course, you still need good grammar. But you need to be competent in producing grammatical structures in combination with useful vocabulary.

Think of grammar for a purpose and prioritize grammar much lower on the scale than maybe you may have done in the past, in order to make room for listening and speaking.

Conversation classes Eindhoven

Develop your confidence with conversation classes

From a beginner’s level, you will develop your confidence in speaking Dutch and you will experience a variety of dialects and accents from native and non-native speakers across various ways.

Things to talk about during conversation classes

We use authentic material such as Dutch radio, commercials and songs. We use printed material like restaurant menus, newspaper articles, company websites, food labels….

Without a doubt, authentic material exposes you to Dutch culture and customs and, most importantly, how the Dutch language is really used.

We adapt practical learning and cultural experiences to your needs. Some of those practical speaking skills can be: telephone conversations, leaving telephone messages, introducing yourself and others, meetings with your children’s teacher.

We help you to navigate your way around a menu, to give and get directions, and locate a bathroom in an emergency (quite useful sometimes).

Practical conversation in Dutch

Our events are, in particular, the way to experience what this real language is about. Combining conversation classes with our special events is a perfect way to learn Dutch fast.

Our aim is to make you learn the Dutch language fast, easily and with fun! So you will feel more at home here!

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